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Canada-China Ageing Industry Development Inc.

Canada-China Ageing Industry Development Inc. (hereafter called CCAD) is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.  CCAD was established recognizing that China has an urgent need for skills, services, technology and products related to the senior care industry.

CCAD is focused on building a platform that provides professional and operational expertise and products to the Chinese senior care industry by Canadian senior care businesses.

As of 2015, there were over 212 million seniors 60 years old and over in China, which is projected to increase to 290 million by 2025.  Expenditures by Chinese seniors had reached 1 trillion Chinese dollars (Yuen) as of 2010 and it is estimated that it will reach 3.3 trillion by 2020. This growth in population and expenditures shows that China provides a significant opportunity in the senior care industry.

In recent years, guidelines and policies have been enacted by the Chinese government to encourage private businesses to participate in the development of the senior care industry. Foreign senior care businesses have recently been assisting in providing relevant management processes and procedures as well as partnering to develop the market. An increasing number of Chinese investors and operators are looking for foreign senior care providers for knowledge, training and cooperation. Senior care providers from the United States, Japan, France, and other countries have recently been entering the senior care industry in China to participate in this opportunity.

CCAD was created by experienced investors and entrepreneurs , originally from China and now living in Canada, who want to partner with well established businesses in the Canadian senior care industry.  CCAD believes the professionalism and maturity of the Canadian senior care industry means Canadians have the skills and experience to provide assistance in areas such as: development and management of seniors’ homes, homecare services and technologies, policies and procedures and senior care product design and manufacture. The senior care industry is at an early stage in China. With the ongoing support from government and the increasing need for care services for Chinese seniors, China offers a tremendous market opportunity for years to come.

With strength in integration and market development, CCAD has accumulated over 60 potential clients such as elderly care providers, operators, medical equipment manufacturers and training institutions in China.  CCAD is interested in working with Canadian retirement home management providers, designers, training institutions and product businesses who share our vision and wish to become partners in this  high growth opportunity.

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