CCAD successfully conducted market research in China, and the future cooperation is promising

Leading by the CEO, Qiang Fu, the CCAD team went to China for the purpose of market research from August 18 to August 23, 2016.

During the conference with Chief of Civil Affairs Bureau of Cheng Du City, Qing Zhan, Deputy Chief, Yong Chang Liu, and other officers in the Bureau, CCAD consultants Mike Hubbert and Sunny Wu delivered presentations on programs and services for seniors in Ontario, Canada. Chief Zhan also introduced the policies and current developments of senior care industry in Cheng Du City and arranged CCAD to conduct field market research on senior homes, senior community day care centers, and senior hospital-home (a facility that combines both hospital resources and senior home resources).


CCAD also conducted field market research at Cuncaochunhui Home for the Aged and Kang Meng Yuan Senior Apartment in Beijing, and had meetings with Xiao Long Wang, chairman of Cuncaochunhio Home for the Aged, and the executive director at Kang Meng Yuan. During the meeting with chairman Xiao Long Wang, we had an in-depth discussion on the challenges of senior home operators in China, the current operation model and situation, and the prospects of senior care industry in China.


There are many senior homes, senior community day care centers, and senior hospital-homes in China. However, the number of the facilities is insufficient to meet the demand for the seniors who are in need of care services.  According to our analysis after the market research, environment and services in the senior homes and other facilities in China have a great room for improvement. Other than importing more advanced equipment and renovating the homes to enhance securities of the seniors, the senior homes in China can also learn from the thoughtful services and the advanced memory care facilities in Canada.

The result of the market research is very promising. CCAD will continue to pay close attention to the senior care industry in China in order to introduce suitable skills and services to China. CCAD is excited to contribute our effort assist the senior in China to live happily.

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